About the Next Issue

The articles for this issue pertain to the theme “What does the Lord require of us?” Plans are already under way for the next volume, with the theme:


          We see through a glass, darkly; but then . . . (KJV 1 Corinthians 13:12)

This theme includes reflecting on—amid the many changes resulting from decisions made in the 2012 General Conference—what lies ahead for the United Methodist Church in general, and its clergywomen in particular. The collection of clergywomen chosen to write the 2013 edition will address their expectations for the Church in these changing times, as well as ways to remain confident and effective in ministry to a world—and a church—that is ever in motion.

The journal will feature the following columns:

Editorial Circle (articles provided by members of the editorial circle)

Theological Reflection (reflections on the designated theme)

Spinning the Sacred Yarn (sermons and speeches)

Women’s Leadership Style (articles on conflict management and various leadership styles)

The Creating Spirit (poetry, music, black-and-white photography, other art forms)

Windows to a Wider Sisterhood (articles pertaining to ministry outside the United States)

Younger Voice (articles submitted by younger clergywomen on the designated theme)

Highlights (short book and media reviews, notices of resources, continuing education resources)

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About the Next Issue