About the Next Issue

The articles for this issue pertained to the theme “What next?” Plans are already under way for the next volume, with the theme:
Empowerment for All

[God] rounded you up from all over the place, from the four winds, from the seven seas. (Ps. 107:3 msg)

Tradition is like an envelope that shapes our path for the journey. United Methodist clergywomen have formed a tradition of gathering in the United States since 1975 and internationally since 2006. The plan for a global gathering of UM clergywomen in 2014 has been on hold due to budgetary reasons, however, this should not mean that UM clergywomen’s supportive system will be weakened. The 2014 WellSprings will be dedicated to reflections on what physical gatherings mean to UM clergywomen in a global context and to exploration of creative ways of connecting and communicating among UM clergywomen and supporting each other as a global community. We will especially consider the ways our younger generation of clergywomen may participate in the journey together.

The journal will feature the following columns:

Editorial Circle (articles provided by members of the editorial circle)

Theological Reflection (reflections on the designated theme)

Spinning the Sacred Yarn (sermons and speeches)

Women’s Leadership Style (articles on conflict management and various leadership styles)

The Creating Spirit (poetry, music, black-and-white photography, other art forms)

Windows to a Wider Sisterhood (articles pertaining to ministry outside the United States)

Younger Voice (articles submitted by younger clergywomen on the designated theme)

Highlights (short book and media reviews, notices of resources, continuing education resources)

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About the Next Issue